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“If you want to raise a confident, happy daughter, you must be a confident, happy mother first. This is the key.”


Are you ready to do whatever it takes to empower your tween daughter with everything she needs to live her best life? 

It starts with YOU.



Join the most amazing, soul-charged mastermind exclusively for lovely mammas who just so happen to have a tween daughter aged between 7-12. If you want to learn what it takes to empower your daughter, strengthen your relationship, and connect & learn from other mighty mammas, this is the mastermind for you.

SOUL SCHOOL membership

Soul-charged courses and masterclasses designed to take your parenting, relationships, health, career, and your life to the next level. For $397 per year, you get your entire personal development curriculum built for you to support you month-by-month on your journey to becoming the mightiest of mammas.

“I loved doing Mighty Girl because you learn to be yourself and love yourself.”
A Mighty Girl From Singapore

empower your daughter

The Mighty Girl Mighty Life program is the most extraordinary and life-changing program unlike anything you’ve ever seen. With a huge waitlist, Alejandra knows how to reach, teach and inspire girls between the ages of 7-12 to step into their confidence and become the happiest girls in the world. If you want to give your daughter the best start to her beautful life, this is the program for her.  

Designed to be done together with your daughter from anywhere in the world, Mighty Girl Mighty Life is going to change your relationship  and your lives forever.

Join Mighty Mamma Mighty Life Coaching,
LIVE Life & Parenting Coaching
With Alejandra!


Join Alejandra for 1 HR of life-transforming life coaching and mighty mamma training. Based on the crazy popular Mighty Girl Mighty Life program, you’ll get new skills, frameworks and tools to help you discover the mighty mamma within you, and create more soul-charged joy, ease, and clarity in every area of your life and parenting. 

Each month, Alejandra focuses on one specific concept from the MG program and how to apply it to your life, answers questions and gives you actionable steps and insight to help you overcome any obstacles and resistence and become the mightiest mamma (and woman) in the world. 

If you want to raise a confident, happy daughter, you must become a confident and happy mamma first. This coaching program is what you’ve been looking for and for just $49/month, it’s the next best thing to having Alejandra as your personal coach! 

Upcoming events & MASTERCLASSES

The most important step to empowering your daughter is to empower yourself first. In fact, this is the pre-requisite before enrolling your daughter in the Mighty Girl Mighty Life program.

Join Alejandra in her signature Mighty Mammas Mastermind Series, or take a Masterclass from Soul School. 

When you work with Alejandra, you come away with all the tools you need to live your best life and support your daughter to live her best life too.